A Mystic Moment

Live in the moment


So I guess I’m supposed to fill up this page with a lot of gobble-de-gook about who I am and what I do, but there’s not a lot to tell. I’m just a fellow traveler, seeking truth, searching for the light and learning to shut up and listen :)

This blog will sometimes be serious and sometimes silly. We will for the most part try to remember Wayne Dyers, “rule number 6″ (The Power Of Intention”, it’s worth a read if you haven’t read it) and not take ourselves or life in general too seriously (more on this in a post).  We’ll start with the assumption, which seemed to work for Schultz (Stalag 19) “I know nothing!” and see if along the way we can’t find that inner voice that knows everything.

The purpose of this blog is not to offer some mind shattering new revelation, but rather to add substance to the things we discover and observe along the way. There is really nothing that hasn’t already been said about this journey, but perhaps there’s a new way of saying it that will ring true and bring it home.

Peace, love and joy to all.

That said, let’s get to blogging.

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