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It’s been awhile, too long awhile, but as the title notes – it is what it is. A lot of water flowed under the bridge and while the writing hasn’t been flowing out the learning has been flowing in. So here’s a few revelations from the past few months.

Here’s a startling revelation for your ego – by the time you’re aware of anything it is already over and unless you’ve invented a time machine it’s too late now to change it. So that thing you’re so annoyed about – it’s over, done, finished, history – so how is your annoyance going to make it better? So lesson 1 – annoyance, anger or any ‘reaction’ to events is a waste of energy and an exercise in futility.

Recently I had an experience where someone was supposed to do something that was of critical importance. An important medication was to be delivered by a certain time and when it didn’t arrive on time I called – “He’s on his way and will be there in 15 minutes.” was the answer I got. A half hour later I called again, and again got a “He’ll be there in 15 minutes”. but this time, in an annoyed tone I told the person on the other end of the line that they had told me that 30 minute earlier. But while my voice was ‘annoyed’ I wasn’t. I was able to be annoyed since annoyance was required by the situation, but I was able to do it without the inner turmoil that accompanies getting annoyed by a situation. Lesson 2, it is what it is.

Given a choice between happiness and unhappiness I think most everyone would choose happiness. So why are we all so glum and unhappy? The answer is – because we choose to be. Unhappiness isn’t something the happens ‘to’ you, it’s something you do to yourself. Happiness is accepting what is – unhappiness is not accepting what is. Let’s stop and reason for a minute – follow the thought process here -

1. By the time you are aware of anything it’s already happened.  It is therefore too late to change it or undo it.
2. If you don’t like what just happened then it may be possible (this is still up for debate) for you to change what is about to come, but it you are unhappy about what just happened, you are -
(a) occupied with what just happened and
(b) not aware of NOW.

NOW is the only time you have and interestingly we miss 99% of now as we drift along annoyed at what was and planning for how it’ll be better as soon as ………….. whatever it is happens. Then you grab your chest, and fall to the floor and realize on the way down that someday never came.

You have NOW – life is NOW, there yesterday is gone, tomorrow may never come – NOW is here, what you do with it is up to you. So it’s your choice – keep running on the wheel like a good little hamster or get off and smell the roses.

Originally written in June of 2012, it was not posted until I returned today and rescued my blog from the dungeons of the web. :))


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