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Life has become on the hectic side of hectic and given a choice with the time I have available for walking and meditating between the walk or meditating and writing in the blog, walking and meditating win.

When one is young and fast the day seems to hold more than enough minutes in it, but then of course you miss most of them anyway as you’re to busy with yesterday and tomorrow to notice the NOW. Then you get older and come to the realization that yesterday is gone and tomorrow’s arrival is uncertain and so you concentrate on enjoying now. Somewhere in that transition the ability to get things done ‘quickly’ seems to disappear. So I content myself with getting what I can done and letting the list grow instead of shrink as the requests go up and the fulfillment of them down.

But I did hear a really good one from a friend – credit supposedly goes to the AA.

“If you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow you are pissing on today.” and I’m old enough to know I don’t want to piss my time away :))

The NOW is a great place, but it doesn’t seem well suited to one who’s busy running through life. You have to slow down a little to smell the roses – but then if you don’t smell the roses what’s the point??

So back to work. Namaste


4/25/12 – Still looking for those extra hours and still running fast as I can. I feel like a turtle on the freeway of life. But on the bright side no one has run over me yet :D!

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