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Live in the moment

Finding the inner child…..


Matthew 18:3 -”Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

Dyer, in the Power Of Intention, “Spend some time observing babies, and vow to emulate their joy. The don’t work, they poop their pants, and they have no goals other than to expand and grow and explore this amazing world.”

Eckhart Tolle in The New Earth, “Even a stone, and more easily a flower or a bird, could show you the way back to God, to the Source, to yourself. When you look at it or hold it & let it be without imposing a word of mental label on it, a sense of awe, of wonder, arises within you. Its essence silently communicates itself to you and reflects your own essence back to you.”

A baby or little child, before we corrupt his mind with me and mine, past and present and the tools of ego, does not quantify the world. He just observes it, accepts it and revels in it. This is the universal message of all the spiritual teachers down through the ages and continues today. Past/Future/Past/Future/Past……. your mind (ego) is stuck in a loop. Break out of that trap and see what really is instead of seeing what our ego tells us it is. Think about it for a bit – you see what you expect to see, you draw to you what you expect to draw – if we stop that past/future/past/future mind game and just let what is be our whole world changes. Everything in the world looks like a beautify sunrise and every moment is a new sunrise in our life.

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