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Who’s Driving The Bus (part 3)


So did you find that on/off switch? How did that ‘turning off your mind’ thing work out for you? Unless you already know the secret to taking the steering wheel back, I’d venture a guess that it didn’t go very well. I certainly can’t do 10 minutes, I’m lucky to manage 10 seconds once in a while. Shutting off the mind, other than when you’re sleeping, is extremely hard to do. This is why watching your mind is so important, and watching it can help you in taking control of it. Become the watcher, take an active role in controlling those random destructive thoughts. I’m working on getting control back and I’m having some luck. Things that used to set me off no longer raise the instant ‘judgment’ that they used to elicit. It takes constant monitoring, constant vigilance and jumping in immediately when I see something starting to form that I do not want in my head or in my life, but the exercise is beginning to show results.

This morning, I was working on something (business) and it was not going right, computer locked up, minor frustration started to rear up its ugly head and just at that moment my other half walked in and asked what was wrong. Now start to explain what’s going on when the starting point is frustration. It’s not hard to see where that is heading and that’s exactly where it started to go. Then without thinking about it, I caught the bad vibe that was starting to take shape and pushed it back into its cage slamming the door on it. In mid-sentence the tone of annoyance turned into one of humor as I jokingly explained what was going on.”Nice save!” commented my wife.

It’s working :)) – it just happened, without conscience thought and effort, I caught a bad thought as it formed and squashed it. Being the watcher is starting to show results. It’s not quick, it’s not without effort but the effort is worth the reward. As the madness recedes the light inside begins to shine a little brighter.

But I wander from the topic with this update on progress. Last time we left off with the ‘nice guy’ statement that the mind (ego) keeps yelling at me. Nice guy?? I agree there is a nice guy inside here, but it’s not that guy who is defined by stuff, or accomplishments and a constant need to believe in a better tomorrow while he ignores the reality of today. This ego character is the one who’s always promising you a better tomorrow. When such and such happens everything will be better and that ‘such and such’ generally relies on me taking something from someone else or in some other way harming something.

For example – it’s estimated 50 million people were killed in the process of bringing a better world into being by the communist. Today the US is involved in ‘nation building’ – how many people have died make it a ‘better world’? We don’t build a better world by hurting our fellow passengers or by destroying the bus we’re all riding in. Look at all of human history, the crusades, the inquisitions, the world wars, the destruction and suffering that we have throughout our history inflicted on ourselves. We are, as Tolle reminds us in his books, an insane species.

But there is a road out of this insanity. As noted at the beginning, I’ve affected changes in my own negativity with something as simple as watching my mind and taking back control of it. And it’s how we fix the world! Sit in’s make news but they don’t change the fundamental problem, taking up arms may make the arms manufacturers happy, but no one has ever changed a single mind by killing people’s friends and relatives! But by changing ourselves we address the fundamental problem which is us. We are, as a species, certifiable. If we take back control of our minds, stop allowing them to drive us and start driving them we will open the door to a new age of peace and prosperity for everyone.

I’ll leave this episode of Who’s Driving The Bus with this thought from the Dalai Lama, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito” and a thought from Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

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