A Mystic Moment

Live in the moment



This morning I was sitting by the river and just absorbing the beauty and stillness of the world as the sun began to peek over the horizon. The river was unusually calm and still. An occasional fish would jump and it would create ripples in the mirror like finish of the water. As I watched the ripples I was struck by the realization of the similarity between my own existence and that of the ripple.  As it spread out over the face of the water and eventually disappeared back into the river that had given it existence I saw the pattern of our own lives.

Take a little journey into imagination for a minute. Imagine that ripple as being self-aware. Imagine it as seeing itself as an individual being flowing across the face of the river. The river, no longer a part of the ripple, becomes simply the thing over which it travels. The other ripples its enemies, seeking to block it’s ever expanding path, seeking to diminish it with their own presence. The ripple has lost touch with the river. It no longer see’s itself as part of the river instead seeing only its own existence which blinds it to the bigger reality of being not merely a ripple but being the mighty river.

For the ripple existence is an illusion. It’s brief thought of being an entity unto itself does not in actuality make it something apart from the river. The ripple rises up out of the river, strives for separateness, fights for survival with the ripples, waves and currents that seek to quell its expanding circles. But in the end, as the ripple fades back into the river it finds enlightenment and happily relinquishes its individuality to again becomes one with the river.


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