A Mystic Moment

Live in the moment

Who’s driving the bus?


Passenger; “Who’s driving this bus anyway?”

Man in a drivers uniform sitting in the back seat; “Well I was but when I got up for a minute to change the destination sign the bus just accelerated and I was thrown back here. So I guess the bus is driving itself at this point.”

Passenger: “Maybe you should get back in the driver’s seat.  There’s a cliff up ahead!”

Driver; “I would if I could, but every time I get up the bus starts swerving wildly from side to side, throwing me about and threatening to careen off the road.”

“Well I’m not going to just sit here while this bus drives over the cliff!” the passenger screamed jumping up and taking a step towards the front of the bus.

Immediately the bus swerved first to the left and then sharply to the right throwing the passenger back into his seat. The driver just smiled knowingly and looked out the window enjoying the scenery.

This little story is meant to be a parable and describes for me the current condition of not only my mind/body, but that of the general population of our planet. Our bodies are the bus, the inner light within the driver and we are careening out of control and nearing the precipice. Unless we, as a species wake up soon and find a way to allow the driver back into the driver’s seat we are going to exterminate ourselves. But why is that? How can the bus be driving itself?

Here’s how this works for me, and I assume from that, how it works for most people. When we are born we are untainted, we look out at the world and it’s a wondrous and joyous place. EVERYTHING is alive, everything is a source of wonder and life is a joy. Hand us anything and we taste it, we shake it, it becomes for a few moments that only thing that exists in our world as we take it in and become one with it.

Fast forward a few months, possibly a year or two and we are still in awe. Only to have it taken away -

“No, that’s mine” announces the big person reaching for a toy. “Here, this is yours.” the big person continues handing us the toy. But then we already know the toy, so we crawl over to the table and reach for another new thing to discover and the conversation occurs again. Our conditioning and the poisoning of our minds has begun. Over the next few years we learn more about the me, mine, yours, ours and we start to build fences around ourselves.

Then we’re cast out into the world and we begin to learn that we must get good grades to meet others expectations. We learn that meeting other expectations is required of us. From there it’s a very short journey to discovering that our ‘acceptance’ is based on what we have and keeping up with the Jones is added to the many other requirements for acceptance. We start to build a belief that we are our stuff, we are our accomplishments, we are…………… a thousand other things that our minds and the minds of others dream up for us to be. We are, essentially everything, and we accept this, but something is missing. We can’t quite put our finger on it, we just have this vague sense that something is not quite right, something is missing.

So along comes religion. It promises to fill that gap for you. It offers you a promise of a better tomorrow and that promise gives you something to ‘work for’ a goal to strive for and all is well. But is it really? Are you really happy, fulfilled, full of peace and the joy that you knew once when you first entered the world? What happened to that joy, that sense of wonder that once was your very essence?

The answer is simple – you, the bus, began to think that you were the driver and you kicked the driver to the back of the bus. You are now careening through life, blind to the wonder all around you and heading full speed ahead towards the cliff.

Time to go for now. We’ll pick this thread up next time. The question for today is ‘are you your mind’?



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