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I think before I start I’d like to clarify for my own presence of mind what terms mean or don’t mean when used here.  Let’s start with a term I’ll tend to shy away from and why.

GOD – Did bugles sound? Did an image pop into your head? This term has been used, abused and misused to the point where it borders on being meaningless any more. It seems to be a term that almost universally conjures up some image, thoughts of  “My God vs Your God’ and similar negatives. God also always seems to be something outside of oneself rather than an inner presence. So I will seldom use the term outside of quotes.

LIGHT, PRESENCE & BEING – are all terms that I will use interchangeably to refer to the source of all things, the presence within, the ‘light’ that shines in all things. This is based on an inner knowing that what I seek does not lie outside but rather is at the core of our being and of all things.

Perhaps a brief journey into the past is relevant at this point to clarify the source of this knowing. Once, many years ago I was on the path seeking what we then called ‘enlightenment’ and meditating heavily and I had a brief but intense out-of-body experience. That inner light carried me out into the universe and for a moment I was and in that moment of intense peace and joy I came to know that all that is, is one. Then I returned to my body, and for a while I was able to continue my quest. But life’s many twists and turns along with the incessant nagging of ego pulled me away eventually. Now, a lifetime later, I seek to return and complete that journey.

So this is the jumping off point. Where the road will lead from here I cannot yet say, but I will record my thoughts, revelations and inspirations here as I walk down this road seeking to see if I can again discover that inner ‘knowing’ that our minds try so hard to cover up and our souls wait patiently to reveal.

ENLIGHTENMENT – is another term that I will avoid. Again, it’s a word that immediately conjures up images and while they are generally positive images, I really wish to avoid images as they give the mind a place to hide and set in front of you false goals and web of excuses. The word to me brings an image of a circle of monks chanting, or of some glorious beam of light wafting one away into the heavens. My quest is for neither of these things. I do not seek salvation or justification for the former is not required and the later can never be and is a requirement of our minds which are perpetually in the past justifying or the future planning.

MIND and EGO – I will use interchangeably to speak of that part of us that is currently ‘driving the bus’. They refer to you by name whereas that which we seek has no name. They refer to that part of you that lives behind the fences of me and mine as opposed to the inner being that knows no limits. The journey must of necessity begin by examining mind for only in realizing its deception can we hope to escape the lunacy in which we are trapped.

Till next time, remember when you argue, you argue with yourself for under the masks the ego has constructed we are all one.


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