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The Reconnection -


The Reconnection Day One

First impression – WOW. Jaw twitching, eyes darting about uncontrollably, arms twitching, a warm glow everywhere, and a weight on my chest. Two hours later you could pour me into a jar. Drove home in evening traffic so relaxed that I just went with the flow smiling.

But let’s start at the beginning. Sheila went first, so she’s in the back and I’m out in the waiting room. I decide to meditate a little while I’m waiting, so I put on Kelly Howell, Deep Meditation, close my eyes and immediately I feel a warm glow in my chest. I can feel my chakras and the meridians aligning. The feeling is strong and almost physical. I just bask in the glow. I can feel her radiating. A little later I take a deep breath and I’m done meditating. I turn the music off and put the phone away and the sound of her laughter coming from down the hall is almost simultaneous with me setting the headset down.

My turn next. We chat for a few minutes and talk about the road to the reconnection and what’s coming up. I get on the table, ready for whatever is next but without much in the way of expectations. Even before she starts I start feeling a glow. Then my teeth start chattering, it’s a small twitching, but definitely noticeable. A minute later the eye movement that I’ve read about starts. My eyes are jumping around uncontrollably. Then my jaw stops and my arms take up the chorus. Lights are dancing on the screen on my eye lids. Then it all settles down for a bit and I just feel a peaceful glow. Then the eye movement returns for a little bit and fades again. A wisp of smoke – is that you Casper the friendly ghost – flits by on the screen and exits stage left. That warm, total relaxation, that blank space that we sometimes find for a second or two in meditation settles in. Not sure how long it lasts. As it fades I can feel my chakras throbbing. I have a sense of them screaming out at the world like beacons or search lights. Then a lump builds in by throat, I swallow, trying to repress the urge to cough but it wins out and I raise my hand to my mouth and cough. The spell is broken and she ends the session. But the feelings linger. Changes are taking place, they’re right on the edge of consciousness where you can’t quite put your finger on them but you can feel them none the less.

The drive home is uneventful. We chat for a few minutes and then just let the car take us home while we bask in the afterglow.

Day 2 -
It was another amazing experience. Different in many ways and very powerful. As usual the honey went first and I sat out front and meditated for a little bit to get in a good place for my session. I found this really mellow place and settled in. The honey came out – not glowing like yesterday but floating seems the best word to describe it. We sat for a couple of minutes while Carol, Carol Kines in Jacksonville, Fl was our practitioner, got the room ready for me, one of the other ladies who also works in the clinic we went to – not a Reconnection Therapist, but into something else, turned to us and started a conversation about the new health care stuff. Well some much for that mellow place I found. So the mood of the moment broken off I go for my reconnection. We got started and it took me a few minutes to get out of the ‘healthcare’ place I’d been thrust into, but a couple of minutes in the vibes took over and I ‘put the girl down on the other bank’ and moved on.

If you don’t know about carrying the girl over the stream, story from one of the many books I’ve read the last year or two. Two Buddhist monks are walking down the road and the come upon a young lady by the side of a stream crying. “What is wrong?” inquires one of the monks and the girl explains, “This morning when I crossed the stream to go to town it was much lower and calmer. Now it has risen and is very swift and I am unable to return home.” Without hesitating one of the monks instructed the girl to climb on his back so that he could carry her across to the other bank. He then returned and continued down the road. After they had been walking for several hours the second monk said to the first one, “What was it like carrying that girl on your back? Don’t you feel corrupted having touched a woman?”, to which the first monk replied, “Brother, I put that lady down 4 hours ago, why are you still carrying her around?” It’s a story that I often call to mind when the past tries to hang around.

But I digress, back to the reconnection. After putting the girl down and quieting my mind my eyes began to twitch again. It only lasted a minute or so, but it was very pronounced. The warm glow then set in and a mild sense of peace and tingly sensation that seems to be everywhere at once. Next my left hand started, very, very slowly to raise off the table – mind you my eyes are closed so I’m not looking at my hand to verify it’s floating, but the pressure of my hand and my finger on the table slowly got lighter and lighter until it felt as though my hand was floating. My elbow as still on the table, but the pressure on my forearm seemed to taper off from my elbow to my hand and my hand felt like it was floating. Then my palm, just my left hand for now, began to throb. This seemed to last for several minutes, then my right hand began to rise off the table. Again the transition is very slow. I just gradually feel the pressure on my fingers getting lighter and lighter. Then the heel of my hand starts feeling like it’s raising.

Am I doing that I wonder and I double check to be sure I’ve got ‘relax’ turned on. It’s not me, at least not a conscious controlled thing. So I start to wonder if the rest of me is going to start floating – now that would really be a trip :) Then as slowly as they raised they move, one at a time, back down to the table I’m laying on and a minute or two after they return to the table Carol tells me we’re done. It takes me a minute to get re-situated in my body and get everything working again. As I do get up off the table and stand I’m feeling tremendous. I haven’t felt this good for years, just full of energy and ready to go.

One thing I left out was the strategic thunderstorm that arrived overhead just as I was heading into the treatment room. A few of the key moments during my session were punctuated by the thunder and since one of the instructions before we started  was to be on the lookout for messages I remember asking the thunder what it was saying and getting the distinct impression it was saying “I AM”. I love thunderstorms and I think I agree – they are the ‘voice of the earth’, raw nature. And right now I’m definitely feeling the ‘I Am’.

Day 3 – Afterthoughts,

Well I rose early, feeling better this morning than I’ve felt in a long time and full of energy. Got out for my walk at the crack of dawn, literally, and just really feeling great. On the drive home Sheila’s oxygen bottle ran out about 1/2 hour from home. I started to turn the back one on for her but we decided to wait a minute or two and see how she did – she dropped to 90-91 and, real key element, her heart rate didn’t go up. The last time we tried going totally without air she dropped fairly rapidly into the 80′s and her heart rate rose into the low 100′s within a couple of minutes. We’re not ready to call that a ‘healing’ just yet, but it certainly was a positive sign. We go to the Mayo next Monday for her quarterly testing – it’ll be interesting to see how she does on her breathing tests and 6 minute walk.

Would I recommend the ‘reconnection’ to a friend – definitely. It’s like a tune-up for your body and soul and who couldn’t use a tune up along the way.


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