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Not sure where 2012 went, but it certainly did went, and my blog along with it. But this morning I set out with a determination to get it back, so after a few hours of struggling with a failed update that killed it, here we are – a Mystic Moment is back in the NOW.

Title for this article courtesy of Winnie The Pooh.

We are raised, schooled and taught by everything in our society and language that we live in a world of duality – There’s up and down, front and back, etc. But are front and back really different things or are they the same thing.

Stop and think about black and white – if there were no black there would not be white, if there were no white there would not be black. If everything in the universe were black you would not be able to see anything. If everything in the universe were white you would not be able to see anything. Sight only occurs because there is a contrast between white on a black background, or conversely black on a white background. So without white black would not exist, without black white would not exist.

Consider front and back – look in the mirror – you see your front. Ask yourself this question without a back would you have a front? If front cannot exist without back and back cannot exist without front then they are not two different things but rather one inseparable thing. You can apply this to all the ‘opposites’ in our dualistic way of looking at the world.

This duality applies not just to front and back, right & left, but to everything in our universe, to concepts as well as physical things. Understanding this can bring a level of understanding and peace to our lives that we can’t find elsewhere. Consider, without war you would not have peace, like the front and back which are mutually inclusive, war and peace are also mutually inclusive. Understanding this is essential to finding peace – or if you’re looking for ‘enlightenment’, the realization that you’re already it. Losing and finding are the same thing, you cannot find something until it’s lost and you cannot lose it until it’s found. This is why one finds the truth by looking in rather than out – you are the truth, you are what you are looking for, you are IT.

So what is IT? To quote the Tao, “those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know”. IT can be known but it cannot be defined. IT is what IT is comes as close as words can come to defining it. If you are, you are IT. If you are not, you are IT. When you no longer need to name IT you realize you are IT. It is the unnamable, the indefinable. It is YOU -

Check out Alan Watts on YouTube – there are a lot of his lectures and talks there. Two of his audio books that I particularly enjoyed are You Are It and Do You Do It or Does It Do You.

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