A Mystic Moment

Live in the moment


My blog will make a lot more sense if you start with the oldest posts in each category and work forward. It’s a journey and it’s easier to follow the journey from the start to the current date. Then when you come back you can just pick up where you left off.

This is a journey of discovery and everyone, everywhere is invited along……


  1. Threw the rear view mirror in the trash so not much to tell. My now is in the posts.

    Have a great day and remember there is only NOW.

  2. Not much of a blog I guess. I forget it’s hee and just write in my hournal (where no one can see it except me.
    So a comment on “remembe there is only NOW”
    Life is a series of NOW’s lined up in order from the time we are born till we finally get to the time we die. I have a video titled “Dieing To Know” and it’s very good It exprressed where I’m at in this lie journey I think. But then if I really knew THAT DEATH IS A TRANSITION AND NOT AN ENDING i’N NOT SURE i’D BE HERE TO WRITE IN THES BLOG OF MINE. iT’S THE UNCERTAINTY THAT KEEPS US HERE TILL THE OLD CAGE WE LIVE IN WEARS OUT FOR REAL. tHEN WE DIE AND WE KNOW IT’S A TRANSITION. bUT IT MAKES SENSE TO NOT KNOW UNTIL THE VERY END OF LIFE ITSELF. otherwise WE MIGHT CHECK OUT SOONER. tHIS MORNING FOR EXAMPLY i HAD A PANIC ATTACK (I don’t really panic, but that’s what they call the sort of out of control feeling that sometimes overcomes us.Just took a short ice ream break and discovered the value in fixing the typos as they occur instead of after the fack when I may not remember what I was saying when I made then. So you get to assign whatever your mind fills in the typos with. Probably more meaningful that way anyway. We all edit what we read and quite often reinterpret what the author may have meant as we read anyway. But maybe I’ll start making the thoughts of my twisted mind that I hide in my journal and put them here. I have convinced myself that it’s living alone and isolated for so long that has twisted my mind. And maybe it is, we’ll leave that the the head doctors to discuss I guess. My journal quite often just meanders as my mind dictates as I type it. Not sure that doing the same here would make sense. This is after all a public blog and a place where my meanderings should make sense. My Journal is just for my own use and doesn’t need to make sense to anyone but me when I re-read it in the future. Hopefully it make s more sense with me correcting the typos as I make them. But I’m tired now, so off to bed I will take my cage for the night. Till NEXT TIME KEEP SMILING AND REMEMBER THERE IS ONLY NOW. which IS WHAT i MEANT TO WRITE ABOUT TONIGHT AND NEVER GOT TO IT. maybe I’ll RETURN TO MORROW TO DO THAT.

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